Wednesday, August 19, 2015

House Warming Gift

House Warming Gift

One of my friend's sister recently moved from India to They are a family of three with a young toddler. While talking to my friend, she told me that she wanted to do something special for her but couldn't come up with anything. That is when an idea struck me, I offered to make her a house warming gift.

Remembering the time when I was new to this country and home, I went shopping for some goodies to put in my basket. I was working on a budget so had to hunt different stores, looking for suitable stuff. By end of the day, I was content with the things I had got. Sent the pictures to my friend as well for her approval. She loved them all.

After personalizing them, I printed the labels and created my personalized good box. I had to keep it compact as it had to be shipped.

I couldn't wait for it to get shipped. Sent my friend the final pictures of the gift. She was amazed and happy. The gift was shipped. Now comes the waiting game. I was impatient. I wanted to know the reaction of my friend's sister when she gets the parcel. finally I got the happy call. She and her family were thrilled to get this welcome gift. She told that me that it has all the things she can use and thanked me profusely. Her daughter loved it too.

Happy customer - Happy me!

Contact me for any such personalized gifts. It can be customized to your needs.