Friday, February 13, 2015

How to train your dragon themed birthday party for a 5 year old

I got to know that this 5 year old boy loved dragons and his favorite movie currently was - How to train your dragon. So the mom who is also my good friend wanted to plan his milestone birthday in that theme and also that she wanted me to help her do it. There was only 1 glitch in this..I had not seen this movie at all nor was I into dragons! I mean this was a very unusual theme and I was not sure if I could pull this off. I still took this up as a challenge and as a learning curve. First things first, my husband made me watch the movie. We both thought this would help me understand the theme better and plan accordingly. So yes, I watched the movie and completely got hooked onto it. I loved the movie. Now I was even more excited in planning this party.

I had only 5 days to plan this party. I checked amazon to see what all is available in this theme for a birthday party. I found all the party supplies there. Paper plates, glasses, dessert plates, balloons, backdrop, table cloth, viking party hats and napkins. I also got him a themed t shirt to wear that day.

Now the next step was planning on some games. I decided to keep 4 games which were like training levels the children had to clear in order to receive these personalized certificates signed by Hiccup!

Games - First level was to create your own dragon. The children were given paper and crayons. They went crazy drawing out their individual dragons and giving them unique names. The birthday boy stuck to the original dragon - Toothless.

The second game was - Guess how many dragon eggs are there in the jar
In a plastic jar, I put in small Easter eggs and the children had a gala time guessing how many eggs were in there!

The next game was - Ring of fire.
The kids had to throw Toothless(a stuff toy) through the ring of fire from a distance. The kids enjoyed this game and wanted multiple chances to throw it. I used a hula hoop for this game. Made the fire from orange streamers.

The forth and final game was - Pin the tail on toothless
I stuck an image of toothless on a cardboard with his tail cut out (as in the movie). The children were blindfolded and had to pin the tail cutout at the exact place.

At the end of this, they all received the certificates from the birthday boy's grandmom. It surely was a proud moment for the kids when they got these. 

I had also kept some interesting place cards for the snacks related to the theme. Bugels were called Dragon teeth, Goldfish crackers were called Dragon food and lemonade was called Dragon drool.

The cake of course was in line with the theme. The birthday boy was surely enjoying all this.

During dinnertime, I kept the kids occupied by asking them trivia questions related to the movie. I was not surprised to see that they knew all the answers. Post dinner and the cake cutting, we had planned to screen the movie for all the kids.

I had made personalized movie tickets for the kids and they were taken to the media room for the movie screening.The door to the room was personalized as well, much to the surprise of the birthday boy.

Post the movie, the adrenaline was still running high despite it being their nap time. It was time to give away the party favors which was also in line with the theme.

 End of the day, all the kids went home happy. The birthday boy was ecstatic as it was a surprise birthday party for him and that too in his favorite theme. :)

I went home glad that took this up and executed it true to the theme. Thanks to my friend Keya for giving me this opportunity! Looking forward to planning more such themed parties.