Saturday, August 8, 2015

Gulab Jamun Pops

Gulab Jamun Pops

Gulab Jamuns have a deep connection with me. Not just they taste good, it brings back very fond memories of my childhood. My mom will make this dish on nearly every happy occasion. Me and my brother would eagerly wait for them to be ready so that we could gorge on them. My brother would not even wait for the gulab jamuns to be soaked well in the sugar syrup.. :)

Once I got married, I realized that KR too is very fond of them. So it has become a regular at my house too. I usually prefer to make them during Diwali, considering it is not very healthy to be consumed frequently. Since everyone who knows us, knows the fact that KR loves it, we are usually treated with this when invited over for lunches or dinners. My hubby is surely happy with that!

So we were invited over to his best friend's house for dinner as they had extended family visiting. And you would guessed, our friend had made gulab jamuns for dessert. She even gave few to take home. On our way back home, I kept thinking of a way to reuse these gulab jamuns differently. I wanted to create something with them. It was not an easy task of weaning them away from my husband. There were 8 of them. We mutually agreed or rather he was forced to part away with 5 of them so that I could try something new with them ;) My mother's old recipe came to my rescue. She had just made this once. So I decided to remake them and named them Gulab Jamun Pops!

5 Gulab Jamun pieces (You can use any no. of them)
1 cup maida/all purpose flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup water
5 tbsp powdered sugar
Oil for frying

For garnish
2 tbsp powdered sugar
A pinch of food color of your choice.

In a bowl, sieve the maida and baking powder. Add the sugar, milk and water. Whisk it all together. It should be a batter consistency. With this leftover batter I made Instant Jalebi. So well there is a leftover recipe in a leftover dish!

Squeeze the gulab jamuns so that there is no sugar syrup left in them. It could break, but not to worry. Shape them again with your palms. Try and keep it round.

Heat the oil for frying in a pan. Dip these dry gulab jamuns in the batter. Coat them from all sides.

Immediately fry them. They should turn golden brown.

 Remove them on a tissue paper to soak the oil.
For Garnishing them, mix the sugar and food color.

Roll these fried gulab jaumns over it.

Serve them hot or cold. You can serve them in cup cake liners or with ice cream or just as finger food dessert!

They are yummy to taste. My husband was like, "why are they just 5? You need to make more of these." Happy me..Happy Hubby! :)