Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gift for a New Born

Gift for a New Born

Our friends recently had a baby boy - Ayaan. He is adorable. He looked so small and serene. I am sure his parents see the other side of him ;) 
Actually his birth marked the occasion of me starting Laksh Creations. I intend to make personalized gifts for all occasions. I cater to orders across USA with a small shipping fee. This was the first gift I made under this start up. So it is extremely special to me. 

Since I had decided to make a gift basket for the new born, I began talking to my friends who are moms and tried to find out what brands they use, they feel safe about, the kind of things they need, the stores they frequent, etc. Since this hamper was for the child than the mom to use, I had to do the research accordingly. Once I had my list ready, I went shopping! That was fun. Since I am not a mom yet, it felt different shopping in the baby aisles. It felt good. 

Next came the moment to personalize them. I also got a basket and some ribbons for decoration. I tried and tested some rhymes to put up on the bottles. After many edits, my labels were ready and printed. I put up some colorful pop ups on the basket, tied my ribbon and my basket was ready.

Filled the basket with all the goodies and it was ready! My friends were pleasantly surprised to know that it was a handmade gift from us. The mom was very happy with the goodies in it and said all of them were very useful for a new born baby. It made my day!

Taking orders for the same, it can be customized according to your need. Message me here if interested.