Sunday, July 19, 2015

Naan Pizza made with Italian Red Sauce

Naan Pizza made with Italian Red Sauce

All my life I have had naan only with regular sabzi. Never had it occurred to me that we could do this with naan. Now why didn't I think of this earlier? This makes pizza making so much simpler and gives it a very desi touch to it. This is why I loved this pizza even more. In order to stay honest with my diet, I chose to use wheat naan instead of the regular one and of course used fat free mozzarella cheese :)
Pizzas in general are very calorie dense because of the base, toppings, sauce and cheese. It has become a popular dish across the world. So it is interesting to see if we can come up with healthier options to make it. Specially if you have a pizza loving husband or child at home like me!
So go ahead and try this out. After all, cooking is all about innovation.. :)

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Confessions of a Foodie

1-2 Frozen Wheat Naan
1/2 cup capsicum slices
1/2 tomato slices
1/2 onion slices
4 tbsp Italian Red sauce
1/2 cup chopped mushrooms
1/4 cup corn
1 tbsp garlic powder
3 tbsp chilly flakes
2 tsp oil
2 tbsp of fat free mozzarella cheese
Salt if required

To make the pizza sauce
In a pan, add oil. Once it is warm enough, add the mushrooms, corn and garlic powder. Cook for 2-3 minutes till the mushrooms are done.

Add the Italian red sauce and chilly flakes. Mix well and bring this to a boil. Check salt, add if required. This is done now. Keep it aside.

To make the pizza
Cook the naan as per instructions given on the pack. You can do it over a tawa or the oven in broiler mode. Take the cooked naan, spread the pizza sauce all over it, arrange the sliced veggies and sprinkle the cheese.

Place it on the tawa or oven and cook it till the cheese melts. Your very own naan pizza is ready. Sprinkle oregano and chilly flakes if needed. Devour them hot!

You can use any pizza topping veg/non veg.
You can experiment with different naan like garlic naan, khulcha or any stuffed naan.