Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Edamame and Carrot Burgers served with Almond Butter

Edamame and Carrot Burgers 
served with Almond Butter

I love burgers! Well, who doesn't. I love cooking up innovative burgers to give them an edge overs others. Of course, they are healthy and nutritious so I am very particular as to what goes in them. I like using never heard combinations while making the patties. Like the time I made Eggplant and Chickpea Burger. I quizzed my friends over what was in it and they were pleasantly surprised to know that it had eggplant!

 As a vegetarian, I keep looking for more protein rich foods to include in our diet. Edamame fits the bill. It is a good source of protein, iron and calcium, naturally gluten free, contains no cholesterol and is low in calories. So yes, including edamame in your diet is a good thing to do. I pick up this from stores which is ready to eat. You can find recipes on my blog where I have used this. You can check them here - Edamame and Spinach soupEdamame and Mushroom Pasta saladSesame flavored Beetroot and Edamame Parathas and Hara Bhara Pulav.

I have used Roasted Almond Butter in this recipe. I think it adds a nutty flavor to this veggie burger. Feel free to use the regular butter if you wish. But I suggest, you give this Almond butter a try. I can assure you, you will love it!

Now coming back to this recipe, let me share with you the process of getting it ready onto the dining table for your family! :)

2 cups cooked Edamame
1 cup grated Carrots
1 cup brown bread crumbs
4 tbsp. oats powder
4-5 garlic cloves, minced
1 tbsp. ginger paste
½ cup chopped spinach
½ cup Dill leaves, chopped
½ cup cilantro, chopped
1 cup onion greens
3-4 tbsp. Sriracha sauce
Salt as required
Whole wheat burger buns
Fat free goat cheese
Mustard sauce as required
Oil as required
Black sesame seeds for sprinkle

Some Lettuce leaves, slices of onion and tomato 
Dollop of Almond butter

It's really simple. Coarsely grind the edamame in a food processor.

In a mixing bowl, add the edamame and carrots.

Now add the remaining ingredients like - ginger, garlic, spinach, half of the bread crumbs, dill leaves, cilantro, oats powder, salt, sriracha sauce and onion greens.

Mix it all well. Make medium size patties.

Roll each of them over the remaining half of the breadcrumbs.

Refrigerate them for 30 minutes. This helps in binding.

Sprinkle some cooking oil over a grill pan. Cook these patties evenly on both the sides. Sprinkle some sesame seeds as they cook just give it an additional flavor.

Now comes the assembly part.
Warm the burger buns for 15 seconds in the microwave. Smear some almond butter on both sides of the bun.

Place one lettuce leaf on one of the bread. Plaice a Patti over it. Add some tomato and onion slices on the other bun. Sprinkle some cheese.

Add mustard sauce and some more sriracha sauce if you wish. Close it and take a bite! :)

These can be even made in advance prior to a party or a game night. Woo your guests with these burgers while you gorge on them as well.