Monday, June 29, 2015

K3G - Kaju Katli Kulfi is Good!

Kaju Katli Kulfi

Though I am not a sweet tooth, my favorite mithai is Kaju Katli. It is very rich because it is made with cashews. Like my dad would say, "You can never like anything cheap. It has to be something expensive!" Yes, Kaju Katli is one of the most expensive sweets in the market and I love it for the taste. All my life's major happy moments are celebrated by getting this sweet from a local mart in Chembur. My dad started this tradition, hence it is very special to me. Today my in laws and husband along with my brother follow it as well. Feels nice. So when my brother was sending me some home stuff via courier, they even sent me this sweet from the very same store back home. I was thrilled to see it and immediately gorged on few pieces. However I know today that it is heavily packed with calories. Sad! Childhood was so much better when we didn't have to count the calories we put in!

So it continued to rest in my fridge for some days and I was not liking it. I was tempted to eat it and so was my husband. However my blogger mind had started working overtime. I wanted to try something with them. So I began my search. While talking to my masi (aunt) in Coimbatore, she told me that my granny used to make payasam with left over kaju katli. This got me thinking. First I thought I will make payasam (kheer), but I wanted to go one step further. I decided to make kulfis out of it instead. So finally with just 4 ingredients, the kulfis were made! I know they still have the same high calories in it but just one kulfi would never hurt anyone!

You need:
12-15 kaju katli pieces
3 cups of whole milk
2 tbsp of Milk masala (can use any dry fruit powder instead)
Pinch of Kesar
Brown sugar (optional, if you think it is not sweet enough)

Crumble the kaju katli into very small pieces. Take a thick bottomed deep dish pan, pour the milk and start to warm it. Add the crumbled kaju katli pieces, milk masala and the kesar. Mix it all together and boil the milk. It will be very diluted at this stage.

You need to keep stirring it till the milk reduces in half and becomes thick. This is the perfect time to do some cardio. Put on the music and shake a leg while your arms get toned stirring the milk! The aroma will surely keep you going. :)
And viola!! It is ready.

The consistency will resemble a slightly diluted condensed milk. Allow it to cool. Then pour them in kulfi moulds. Freeze it for 6-7 hours.

Run water on the moulds before removing the kulfi. Pop these yummy kaju katli kulfis out and enjoy!!

They are so goooood!! Hence the name - K3G :) It will surely remind you of the malai kulfi sold on the streets by our local vendors.