Friday, March 6, 2015

Roasted Garlic & Tomato Raita

Roasted Garlic & Tomato Raita
This is a an interesting twist to our regular raitas. Usually the ingredients we put in it are not cooked but when I tried this version of raita, I was impressed. This side dish goes very well with any pulav or biryani. We had this along with Mushroom Pulav. The garlic in it gives a very nice flavor to the raita.

Thick Yogurt – 1 cup
Oil – 1 tsp
Tomato – 1 cup, chopped finely
Dhania jeera powder – 1 tsp
Salt – 1 tsp
Garlic – 2, Minced
Red chilli flakes – ¼ tsp, garnish
Fresh cilantro – 1 tbsp, finely Chopped
In a small pan, add oil, saute the garlic and tomatoes along with salt. Keep aside. In a serving bowl, whisk the curd, add dhania jeera powder, tomato mixture and chilly flakes. Mix well. Now sprinkle cilantro on top and serve chilled.