Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Soyflakes French Toast

Soyflakes French Toast

"What should I cook for Breakfast?" This is a daunting question I am sure many of us face in the mornings. I am no different. After all how many times can one eat eggs, cornflakes, poha & the upmas in a week! So today morning I was in mood to make something new. My husband wanted to eat something healthy & light. Still in bed, as I kept pondering over what to make , a brainwave hit me. I had cornflakes, milk, egg whites & brown bread so I decided to make Soyflakes french toast..wahh!

2 large brown bread slices
4 servings of egg whites
2 tsps of brown sugar
2 tbsps of fat free milk
1 cup crushed soyflakes

Whisk 2 servings of egg white & 1 tsp of brown sugar together. Add 1 tbsp of milk in it. Dip the brown bread in it & toss it over crushed soyflakes. Put it in the pan. Toss to the other side once its cooked. Serve with hot tea or coffee. This is a quick, healthy & tasty recipe which has all the right ingredients required to quick-start a dull morning.. :)

Note: If you are using sweet bread, you can avoid using the sugar in the egg mixture.